On 26 April 2022 the Honorable District Court Judge
KATHERINE POLK FAILLA has issued a judgment

that includes an order to block all access
to this website / service due to copyright infringement

United King Film Distribution Ltd. v.

  Does 1-10 d/b/a Israel.tv (S.D.N.Y. 21-CV-11024-AJN-RWL)

 Does 1-10 d/b/a Sdarot.tv (S.D.N.Y. 21-CV-11026-AJN-RWL)

 Does 1-10 d/b/a Israeli-tv.com (S.D.N.Y., Case 1:21-cv-11025-KPF-RWL)

If you were harmed in any way by the Court’s decision you may file a motion to the

Federal Court in the Southern District of New York in the above 

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